• Oil-Based Lubricants

    Product type

    Surface-reconditioning nano-lubricant oil additives.


    WS₂ multi-layered fullerene solution.


    • Continuous surface coating with uninterruptable lubrication layer
    • Enhancing the friction and heat reduction capacity of oil lubricant
    • Non corrosive
    • Non-toxic
    • Especially effective at extreme load and weather conditions
    • Can be used with new or used engines


    • Reduces fuel consumption
    • Reduces harmful emissions
    • Slows down wear of internal engine parts (extends engine life)
    • Reduces engine noise
    • Extends effective oil life (reduces oil change interval needs)
    • Eases engine start in cold weather



    Passenger vehicles, heavy transport vehicles, buses, locomotives, motorized heavy equipment, off-road vehicles, racing vehicles, motorcycles, prop aircraft, marine engines


    Ready to use solution, additive concentrate, base powder (for formulators)

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  • Grease-Based Lubricants

    Product type

    Surface-reconditioning nano-lubricant grease additives


    WS₂ multi-layered fullerene solution


    Reduces friction beyond the capacity of other conventional extreme pressure (EP) grease additives

    • Controls heat build-up beyond the capacity of conventional greases
    • Continuous surface-reconditioning (“Wear Repair”) mechanism
    • Continuous surface protection with tribofilm coating


    • Extends machinery life
    • Extends output effectiveness for longer periods
    • Especially effective at extreme contact pressure and temperatures
    • Can be used with new or used vehicles and machinery

    Product types

    • Grease additives for manufacturers and blenders.
    • Grease additives for all EP conditions.
    • Grease additives for specific grease types (lithium , lithium complex, aluminum, aluminum complex, sodium, polyurea, PTFE, calcium, calcium complex, barium, barium complex)

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