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NanoLub® Custom EP Formulations

NIS has extensive experience in blending different AW/AF Additive and Fully Formulated product lubricant formulations for various Extreme Pressure applications. NIS’s NanoLub® IF-WS2 products are based on a patented platform technology of proprietary super strong tungsten disulfide (WS2) multilayered nano fullerene-like particles.

These multi-layer IF-WS2 nano-spheres are well-known to show outstanding temperature (-270 °C to 450 °C), shock (5,076,000 PSI) and pressure (4,263,000 PSI) resistance and renders them to be versatile under extreme operating conditions including high and ultra-low temperatures, high pressure and high vacuum, high load, high rotating speed, high radiation and corrosion conditions.

Due to its size (50-200 nm) and morphology of IF-WS₂  nanoparticles, they easily fill the asperities and irregular surface of the metals providing excellent load bearing and anti-wear properties. Under high loads (>1 GPa), the layers peels from the spheres forming a thin protective monolayer of WS2 on the surface of the metal thereby reducing friction and wear between the metals.

If you haven’t found a NanoLub® product specifically designed for your EP Application, don’t worry, just contact us with your request, chances are that we will be able to customize one of our NanoLub® products to your needs .

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