Quality and Environmental Management Systems Policy

Tribofilm Release Mechanism

  • Nanomaterials operates according to quality management system (ISO 9001 certified) and an environmental management system (ISO 14001 certified), with the aim of meeting the requirements of all concerned parties (e.g. shareholders, official representatives, neighbouring business); local and international rules and regulations. The above-mentioned systems are maintained in order to ensure customer satisfaction, meeting customer needs and expectations; and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality and environmental management system.
  • The company recognizes the quality of its products and customer service as the main target for its existence and success in present and future.
  • NanoMaterials management and employees are working together in order to continually improve the quality of the processes, products and services provided by the company. The above mentioned is performed by means of defining goals and targets, preferably measurable; followed by their monitoring and reviewing; detected deviations treatment, as part of management system, via surveys.
  • NanoMaterials aspires for continuous improvement in the field of environment protection by means of conducting environmental audits with setting measurable goals and targets, whenever is possible. Continuous monitoring and control of measurable parameters followed by resolving deviations, if they occur, and reviewing them as part of management surveys.
  • The production cycle in the company is organized according to highest safety standards and environmental management system rules for the benefit of company’s employees and the human environment in which the plant resides.
  • Company’s management is obligated to provide qualifications and trainings for employees at all levels for the sake of achieving awareness in regards to all aspects of quality assurance management system and environmental management system in order to take a part in preservation environment, which includes their own health and safety.
  • Each NanoMaterials employee is obligated to recognize the company’s quality and environmental management policy and implement it in everyday work.
  • The Company is obligated to comply within local and international legal framework in its regular activity, including customer requests, safety and the environmental requirements.
  • The company is obligated to direct resources in reducing the negative impact on the environment and to prevent, by all means, any pollution of water, soil and air while keep providing service for customer satisfaction.
  • A periodic review of the quality and environmental policy will be carried out in order to confirm its compliance in case of changes in the company or its operations.
  • The company aspires to act in the best possible manner, honourly and professionally, with initiative and innovation, striving for perfection and persistence to continuously improve all its performance.
  • NanoMaterials management is committed to maintaining, implementing and updating the quality and environmental management system in accordance with the policy above.