Tribofilm Release Mechanism


Nanomaterial-enhanced-polymer-film1-240x210NanoMaterials breakthrough inorganic, multi-layered nano-structures are particularly promising for applications in thin surface-coatings for friction and wear protection.

The unique ‘onion-like’ structure of concentric WS₂ layers reacts to abrasion by exfoliating thin outer-layers of particles that coat surfaces with a continuous lubricating layer. This innovative “dual acting” inorganic dry lubricant combines super-lubricating and surface reconditioning coating functions.

Coating-graph1-238x240These dual acting dry lubricants can yield a 3-fold reduction in friction coefficients of impregnated surfaces – consequently reducing wear significantly.

NanoMaterials’ inorganic fullerenes and nanotubes can also be incorporated with non-polymeric media, thus forming metal and ceramic matrix composites.